Central Valley Staff

  • Clint Henry - Lead Pastor

    Pastor Clint and his family moved to Idaho back in March of 1995. Central Valley Baptist Church was located on Cherry Lane back then, and went by the name of Cherry Lane Baptist Church. Prior to coming here Clint and his wife Jeannette served as missionaries planting churches in the Midwest. Clint also pastored a church in Texas during the years of his seminary training at Southwestern Baptist in Fort Worth. 

    Clint was licensed to preach the gospel and later ordained at First Baptist Church of Canyon, Texas. One of his passions is the preaching of God’s Word and it’s application in our lives. Clint and his wife Jeannette met while attending college. They have four grown daughters of which three are adopted and eight granddaughters. Jeannette is also involved in ministry at our church and is the Women’s Discipleship Leader. Her passions are Bible Study and mentoring women.

    Clint and Jeannette love the state of Idaho and the challenge of church work in an area that is heavily influenced by a non-Christian religion. Both plan on a long ministry at Central Valley, and are well on their way to prove it. Clint’s favorite hymn is “The Solid Rock.” His favorite contemporary song is “Jesus Messiah.” He loves to play with his granddaughters and camp and hike in the outdoors. His favorite Bible verse is John 3:30, “He (meaning Jesus) must increase, and I must decrease.” Jeannette loves to see Jesus work in women’s lives and set them free to be healed. She loves to mark her Bible up with colored pencils! She loves to read, walk, and drink iced tea. 

  • Rocky Mason - Children's Pastor  

    What can be more fun than to be able to play with kids all the time? I count it a great privilege to have been called to be the Children’s Pastor at Central Valley. God’s love for children is evident throughout scripture, and all of us have a huge responsibility to train up our children in the way they should go, so that when they are old they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6) 

    I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. I realized my need for salvation at an early age and accepted Christ as my personal Savior. I felt God’s calling to be a missionary while at a youth conference in Estes Park, Colorado. After seeking further direction from God, my parents and youth pastor, I attended Moody Bible Institute to be trained as a Missionary Pilot/Mechanic. While at MBI, I met my beautiful wife, Lori Darling. Lori grew up in Decatur, Illinois and has a similar story in that she also accepted Christ at an early age and felt led to be a missionary. We were married in 1989 and then moved to Elizabethton, Tennessee to finish my training at Moody Aviation. After graduation we joined Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and served in Suriname, South America.

    God has blessed us with 3 great children. Seth was born just before we joined MAF. God placed within Seth the wonderful but challenging gift of Autism. In 1997 we returned to the States for the birth of our precious daughter, Sara. Once back, it became evident that we would not be able to return to Suriname so that we could help Seth grow into all that God had planned for him. We moved to Redlands, California to begin working at MAF’s headquarters. In 2001, just 4 days after 9-11 occurred, energetic Simon was born. Our three children are definitely gifts from God, and we love that they each in their own time have trusted in Christ for salvation from their sins.

    In 2006, MAF moved their headquarters from California to Nampa, Idaho. Soon after moving here, we started attending Central Valley. One of the first things that drew our family to the church was AWANA and the good children and youth ministries. Over the years, Lori and I became more involved at Central Valley by teaching adult Sunday School, Children’s Church and Awana. We both have always had a passion for children’s ministries. Then our family was once again challenged by a new calling upon our lives. In January, 2011 we left MAF after 17 years of service with that great organization and accepted God’s direction and the calling of Central Valley to become the Children’s Pastor. I am excited to be a part of a caring, growing church family. My hope is to see the children of Central Valley come to a saving knowledge of God early in life, make a decision to follow Him and be baptized, grow continually in maturity, and serve Him the rest of the days of their lives. It is all about CONNECT, GROW, SERVE & MULTIPLY. 

  • Paul McEntee - Worship Pastor

    Paul grew up in a Christian home in Fresno, California and accepted the Lord as his personal savior at a young age. He was involved in music early, beginning with piano in elementary school, brass instruments in his junior high and high school bands, and later learning and falling in love with the guitar in high school. He went on to become his Christian high school chaplain which required him to lead worship in chapel each week.

    After high school Paul went to Fresno State University where he majored in music, receiving a scholarship to play tuba in the Fresno State marching and concert bands. He led worship in his church college group, worked and played music at Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center each summer, and began playing lead guitar in a Christian band which played all over the Central Valley. After three years, he felt God calling him to attend a Christian college. He transferred to Western Baptist College (now Corban University)in Salem, Oregon in 1996. There he met his wife, Jaynell, an Idaho girl who was majoring in English and Language Arts Education. Paul often led worship in chapel services during his years at Western and played on the worship team at his church. In 1998 Paul and Jaynell married. After graduating college in 1999, they returned to Fresno where Paul taught choir and instrumental music at his alma mater, Fresno Christian High School, and Jaynell taught English at a local public high school. Paul immediately got involved in the worship team at their church in Fresno, and also resumed playing lead guitar with the Christian band, which had evolved into a worship band, leading worship at events and camps throughout the Central Valley.

    In Fresno, the couple began their family. Jonah was born in 2002 and McKay in 2004. Paul then returned to Fresno State and completed a Master's Degree in music education in 2006. They felt God leading them to Idaho and with Jaynell 8 1/2 months pregnant with their third son, Tobias, moved the summer of 2006. God led them to Central Valley Baptist where Paul became involved in the worship team and eventually began leading. In 2008 they completed their family with a daughter, Elsie.

    Jaynell has left the public school classroom to stay home and raise their children. She home schools her children and counts it a privilege and a blessing to be able to be with them each day and train them in righteousness. In addition to being worship leader at Central Valley, Paul teaches instrumental music at Columbia High School and is passionate about ministering to and be a representative of Christ to the young people he comes in contact with each day. He is passionate about music and its role in bringing glory to God and pointing people to Christ.

  • Jerry Coleman - Pastor at Large

    Jerry and Claudia Coleman moved to Nampa, ID July 2010 and joined Central Valley in September 2010.

    Jerry pastored three churches in California before pastoring First Baptist Church of Lake Hills in Bellevue, Washington for 27 years. Jerry was a trustee of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley, Ca for ten years.

    Claudia and her late husband, Cal Sarver, served with the International Mission Board in Ghana, West Africa.

    Jerry and Claudia both attended California Baptist University and Jerry also earned his Master's Degree from Azusa Pacific University also in California. Claudia and Jerry have been married since January 2005. They both lost their first spouses. Together they have four sons, one daughter and eight grandchildren.

    Jerry and Claudia both enjoy reading, traveling, working together, but mainly being with their families, friends and with each other.

  • Janie Heidebrink - Office Manager/Administrative Assistant   office@centralvalleybaptist.com

    I grew up in a Christian home in Hagerstown, Maryland. Being the youngest of seven children and growing up on a farm, greatly influenced my life. I am very thankful for all that I learned during those growing up years. My hobbies were greatly influenced by the farm life as well. I loved horses and all kinds of sports. Having four older brothers probably greatly influenced me as well. 

    Every time the doors of the church were open we would be there. I loved going to church, singing, learning God's Word, memorizing, etc. etc. I knew all of the right answers. Then, during the summer between 6th and 7th grade, a major turning point happened to me. I hitched up my horse to a racing cart and went for a ride down the country road where we lived. It was a beautiful day. Then suddenly a cow fly landed on my horse's rump and stung her. She made a quick turn to the left, which you cannot do in a cart. It must be a wide turn. Well, anyways, the cart flipped over, my leg went in to the wheel and she drug me through a freshly cut corn field. The wheel kept grinding against my leg as my body was torn up by the corn stalks. Finally, the leather straps broke away from the cart and the horse ran home. I lay there in that corn field and thought I was going to die. I could not walk, so I drug myself, using my arms, down the row for a long distance to the nearest house. Thankfully someone was home and they called my parents, who took me to the hospital. I had no broken bones, but the front part of my body was tore up. My leg had gone through a lot as well. While I was in that emergency room, God spoke to my heart. His Word became SO CLEAR! I realized that all this time I had been trusting in how good I was. I was a good little girl. I would have told you that I loved Jesus as well. I knew a lot ABOUT Him, but I didn't put my TRUST IN HIM! I couldn't believe how deceived I had been. Satan had me convinced I was a Christian. I was, but only by culture! PRAISE THE LORD that He drew me to himself and I gave my heart to Him, TRUSTING in Him alone for my salvation.

    Ephesians 2:8-9   "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--not by works, so that no one can boast."

    I met my husband in college. I praise the Lord for how He orchestrates our lives. We were married in July of 1981. My husband, Doug, is so gifted with airplanes. He knew that God wanted him to use that for HIS glory. We were accepted with Mission Aviation Fellowship in February of 1986 and served 13 years in Kalimantan, Indonesia. We have three children, who grew up there, in Indonesia. Then God led us back to the States to work at the MAF headquarters. Doug is a maintenance instructor and evaluates and teaches. He loves to share of his experiences overseas with new pilot/mechanics getting ready to serve with MAF.

    I have been involved in children's ministry for years. It has always been a passion that the Lord has given to me. Besides working in the office at the church, I also work with Children's Church, AWANA, and after school Good News Clubs! Praise the Lord for each of these opportunities to share the love of Christ.