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Dear Church,

Thank you for your many responses to our email survey sent out from the church office. The survey provided valuable input and gave needed direction to staff. After consideration and consultation with trusted sources the following plan is being presented for start-up of activities on our church campus.

Faithfully yours,

CVBC Staff


Start-Up Plan for Central Valley Campus

*Note the streaming of a church service on YouTube WILL continue at 11:00 am MST and is now part of our church’s ongoing ministry plan.

Order of Start-Up by Phases:

(Phase 3) Begins June 7

Family Worship on campus at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00. No childcare, Sunday Morning Bible Studies or Children’s Church. Seating in the sanctuary will be adjusted to help with distancing.

(Phase 4) Begins June 21

Sunday Morning Services at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 am plus Children’s Ministry at 9:30 (11:00 temporarily not offered).

(Phase 5) Begins in SEPTEMBER

Normal Sunday Schedule of activities.

*If health concerns change along the way… a return to a previous phase may be needed.  Those concerns include internal protocols and/or Governor’s orders.


Summer activities:

Currently under discussion.

(1)Wednesday night activities will be the initial focus. Resuming Children and Youth ministries hopefully sometime in June.

(2)No VBS.  We will focus on Good News Clubs at host homes. No summer Children’s Camp. No summer Youth Trip to Falls Creek; however, Youth camp in Challis is scheduled to take place in July.  Providence High is finishing online classes and planning to resume on campus classes in August.

(3)Men’s Retreat is a possibility with a decision to be made by late June.

(4)Home Groups have resumed and are welcome to meet.


Expected Church behaviors:

(1)No handshaking. Non-contact greeting is encouraged.

(2)Wearing masks are not required, but you are more than WELCOME to have your own and wear it.

(3)Use hand sanitizer at church.

(4)People from the same household can sit together. 6 foot spacing between other households and individuals is encouraged.

(5)No sick people at church. Stay home if a family member has a cough, fever, or shortness of breath.

(6)Staying away from church if you are vulnerable or uncomfortable is acceptable.

(7)Observe traffic patterns within the building for distancing purposes. Pay attention to signage.

(8)Once a church service is dismissed exit the building for our sanitation team to be able to work quickly.

(9)Temperature checks on staff and volunteers.

(10)Follow posted instructions about use of restroom facilities.


Discontinued Activities:

(1)No coffee bar between services until further notice.

(2)No bulletins for the time being. All announcements and information will be done by video, connections newsletter, pulpit announcement, and website. Make sure you subscribe to the office announcements such as the newsletter and e-blasts.

(3)Ushers will no longer “collect” the offering. They will be placed in a receptacle on the way out of the sanctuary, given online, or mailed into the church office.

(4)Weekday Adult Bible Studies on campus will not resume until September unless it is by Zoom or some other stay at home venue.