Tom baker

It is such a privilege, honor, and joy for me to teach young people, our future leaders and prize citizens at Providence High School.  I have truly found a home where I can share a subject that I studied all my life, with passion anchored in the purity of biblical truth.  This is the stated mission of Providence High School; providing an education that is Bible centered and God honoring.  It is a lifetime blessing to me that I can be a part of.

When I was growing up, I did not have this luxury as a student, and was taught through public education which is no longer "public" anymore, but rather "state education,"  which is openly contrary and diametrically opposed to biblical truth.  I learned the hard way that the "truths" of the secular world are not only blind folly but dangerous and destructive lies that have dire consequences.  We are seeing these dire consequences being played out in our culture that is unraveling before our eyes.

Providence High School is about hope, truth, loving encouragement and guidance, and about the treasures we put into the hearts and minds of our young people.  We believe that pure unfiltered truth gifted into the hearts and minds of our young people with the love of Jesus Christ behind it, can and does produce the hope and opportunity that I only dreamed about as a young person.  The truth from the Bible that we share heartily with joy at this school, and the learning we provide in all subjects offered from a biblical perspective, open paths in life I longed for as a young person but could never find.

I wish that I had been given the education that Providence High School provides, and I say this to my students on a regular basis, praying my thanks to our Lord Jesus daily before each class, thanking Him for this school, for the adults, and teachers, and administrators, and volunteers who give their hearts and love freely making this school possible, and most of all, for the parents who have blessed their dear children with this opportunity I never had.

As an encouragement to you who are reading this and may be considering this education and kind of teaching for your children, I offer the words of this psalm that say more than I could ever wholly express or convey: 

"Taste and see that the LORD is good.  Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!"  Psalm 34:8