Youth Ministry

CVSIX - 6th Graders

The tween years are such an adjustment and challenge for the student as well as the parent.  CVSIX was created to ease the transition from children's ministry to student ministry.  On Sunday mornings there is a small group Bible study just for them at the 9:30 a.m. hour.  During the week the CVSIX students can still participate in the Awana ministry - Wednesday nights.  Beginnning in Sepember we offer between 4 and 5 events specifically for the sixth graders; from a lock-in to a study on purity culminating in a ceremony with the parents involvement.  The sixth graders are officially invited into the CVMID ministry the first weekend in August, during the Sonfest event in Layton,UT.

CVMID - 7th & 8th Graders

Middle School Students are exciting and challenging to minister to and with. We love their energy and enthusiasm and care about all that they go through.  At Central Valley we offer Bible studies on Sunday mornings specifically for CVMID students with classes for boys and girls distinctively.  Refuge, Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m., REFUGE is  a time of worship, connection, study, and prayer for both CVMID and CVHIGH students.  Come check us out and learn to connect, grow, serve, and multiply as a follower of Jesus Christ.  

CVHIGH - 9th - 12th Graders

High School students have the world ahead of them and wrestle with the bigger questions in life.  CVHIGH is a ministry where students are challenged to step up in their discipling responsibilities if they are a Jesus follower.  This means that these students have options such as international mission trips, leadership in the church as a whole, and specific opportunities to grow deep in Christ. Check out the Sunday morning Bible studies just for the high schoolers and the large worship gathering on Wednesdays called REFUGE at 7:00 p.m.


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Ski N Share - march 1st-3rd , 2019

Friday through Sunday event with youth ministries from all over Utah and Idaho who gather in Burley for three sessions of worship.  The group skis/snowboards on Saturday at Pommerell Resort. 


               Short Term Missions

UK 2019

The Student Ministry is going to the United Kingdom in June of 2019!  There are two weeks of this project:  June 13 – 21, and June 21 – 28. There are spots open for participants, one adult and two students.

During the project, participants will engage two distinct people groups who are of the Post Christian culture and mindset.  We will prayerfully have spiritual and gospel centered conversations while we serve in coffee shops, schools, parks, and through sports.  All high school students are eligible for these trips. 



YOUTH  CAMP is a time to get away, unplug, and seek God.  There is time for recreation, get to know a full time missionary, be challenged during a hike, and worship the Creator.

  •  Youth Camp at Living Waters Ranch - July 21-26, 2019       

For students who complete 7th grade and older.  Held at Living Waters Ranch Camp just north of Challis, ID.  Cost is $200.

      For students who complete 9th grade and older.  Held at Falls Creek which is in South East Oklahoma.  Cost is $550, which includes camp, meals while at camp, and airfare.  Sign up is now closed for this camp.

                       There are 3 different forms needed:

             1Student profile form

             2. CVBC Student release/waver form (this is part of

                        online registration)

                      3. Falls Creek Camp's Student release/waver form


Sonfest August 2nd- 4th, 2019

Friday through Sunday event similar to Ski and Share where we travel to Ogden, Utah and enjoy three worship gatherings and also a day at Lagoon.  This is the breakout road trip for CVSIX students who will be welcomed into the CV Student Ministry as a whole.  Cost is $140, ($30 deposit). 


DNOW November 1st - 3rd, 2019

An in-depth discipling weekend for CVMID and CVHIGH students.  A group of 8 students is hosted in a home of a church member for the weekend along with a guest Bible study leader to delve into a topic of discipleship in 4 to 6 sessions.    Cost - $55 .