Join in prayer for america

Dear Church,

This past Sunday I promised to post Ten Things to Pray for America. Here they are and I hope you will join me in praying these things for our country.

(1)Pray for America to experience a spiritual awakening that will result in millions of people coming to faith in Christ.
(2)Pray for the church in America to wake up and be revived.
(3)Pray for the security and dignity of every human life.
(4)Pray for government leaders to recognize their accountability to God for their decisions.
(5)Pray for the protection of religious liberty without which we cannot preach the gospel.
(6)Pray for integrity in media not only among journalists but in the information they present on a daily basis.
(7)Pray for education in America and a commitment to the principles on which this nation was founded.
(8)Pray for the family and what we understand to be a family.
(9)Pray for more Christians to run for public office and then get out and support them.
(10)And finally pray for yourself to love God and country… and to always know which one to love first and foremost!

Finally let me say that we had 75% of our normal attendance present on Sunday. The day went off without problems and no new illnesses have been reported to the church office.

See you again Sunday on campus or online there in your home!
Pastor Clint