Small Groups

Small Groups

Here at Central Valley, we recognize the importance of being a part of a small group of people who can walk alongside each other and encourage each other. That's why we offer several different opportunities to get plugged in with a group.

1. Home Groups
These groups meet in homes around the valley for the purpose of building relationships, encouraging discipleship, and reaching new people. These groups are "open" to all participants.

2. Discipleship Groups
These groups meet for intentional discipleship for a prescribed period of time. These groups are closed to new participants after an initial sign up period and group work has begun.

3. Accountability Groups
These are small groups of 2 to 4 men or 2 to 4 women who meet regularly for personal accountability. Groups are formed through personal relationships.

4. Mission Groups
These groups are on mission together in various places locally and throughout the world. Mission projects are promoted to the church body and approved through our church Missions Leadership Team.

5. Bible Study Groups
These groups meet for Bible Study during Sunday Morning Bible Study, Wednesday night, and at various times during the week. Some are gender specific.

6. Ministry Groups
These are groups of dedicated volunteers who carry out ministry activities as a part of the Central Valley weekly schedule of activities. These groups are open to people who want to serve.

7. Support Groups
These are groups of people who help ministry teams carry out their tasks through administration and other “behind the scenes” activities. Without these people, ministry does not happen.

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